I Wish I Had Said That

ImageOn a recent taping for Channel Four with Tamara Beckwith, I had the unfortunate experience of having to debate the worth of Andy Warhol as an artist with another ‘ dealer ‘. READ MORE 

The 80’s: Does Anyone Working at Christie’s Remember?

I suppose researcher’s for the upcoming Warhol at Christie’s sale of photographs were clearly players during the 80’s scene as they can NOT identify anyone in this 1986 photo except Andy

Will Warhol at Christie’s be a wash-out ?

In art and politics, we have entered uncharted waters.

With the first of the Warhol auctions less then two weeks away and Christie’s sales closed today, there is no certainty for the launch. From a superstitious perspective it seems pre-destimed that the most important Warhol painting to hit the block this season is the Statue of Liberty, already a landmark image with heavy rotation thanks to Sandy the perfect storm. Also, get ready for a load of competing charity sales of every type, to raise money for storm-victims rather then The Foundation.

Marcel Duchamp was also an Art Advisor

Marcel advised quite a few collectors and sold more Brancusi’s then anyone else in New York. But how did his clients know if his advise would be a good investment?

Andy Sues Lou for Walk on the Wild Side

Just kidding of course...but he should have. Or what about the Chinese Government and the Mao series? Meat market drag queen models from Ladies and Gentlemen? Miguel Bose? Anybody remember Rats and Star? Billie Squire ? Sticky Fingers? Rumoured to be either a picture of a certain well-known writer associated with Interview and Esquire or the former Factory assistant who went on to exhibit with Shafrazzi Gallery in the 80’s.
What else? In the end you can’t have your cake and eat it. The cover has Andy’s signature right on it. The pity is how many more of these spoiler suits is the Foundation going to put up with? We all get the artworld we deserve and The Foundation has done an excellent job. But if they have to spend the majority of their resources on defending sour banana suits, they might just call it a day.

Warhol in Florida



Was it the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge bidding on our Warhol?

Emma Thompson, Olivia Grant , Jo Brand, Emilia Fox,David Baddiel, Caprice,
Queen Elizabeth and Andy Warhol makes for a strange party
. All turned out in support of the Helen Bamber Foundation at 86 St. James. Pollock FIne Art contributed the Queen Elizabeth the IInd drawing by Andy Warhol, a Marilyn 81 and a Dollar Sign all sold. The Mail on Sunday wrote Prince William and Kate Middleton were the bidders on HRH.

We don’t deny the rumour, as the buyer used Christie’s to phone the Bonham’s auctioneer.Pollock Fine Art is happy to have contributed to the worthy Helen Bamber Foundation.photos:Daniel Barnett.

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